KW 5 (SE)

KW 5. You can call it jazz, improvisation music, neo folk music or whatever. But first and foremost it's something NEW.

This band, led by the drummer Karl-William Coleman, is a Swedish quintet that plays original music written by the members. The quintet was founded by Karl-William in the autumn of 2017 when they studied at The royal academy of Stockholm. It features:
Karl-William Coleman on drums.
Jesper Söderqvist on vibraphone.
Björn Atle Anfinsen on trumpet.
Alexander Estby Capasso on double bass.
Mattias Olofsson on guitar.

The members of KW 5 are trying their best not to play well!
It's their philosophy. Instead of trying to impress with their individual skills they want the music to take its own path, whatever it might be. The desire of playing well can easily get in the way of that. Instead they simply aim to be messengers for the music, providing it with what it needs. No more, no less.

This mindset in combination with their creative compositions, filled with influenses from the Swedish folk tradition, is KW 5. Go check them out!

Karl-William Coleman - Drums
Alexander Estby Capasso - Bouble bass
Jesper Söderqvist - Vibraphone
Björn Atle Anfinsen - Trumpet
Mattias Olofsson - Guitar

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